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13 gL Stainless Steel Motion Sensor Trash Can White



  • $ 15714

Subverting the traditional way of throwing garbage, our auto-sensing non-touch trash can automatically sense the approach of human hands or garbage and automatically open the lid. After the garbage is thrown in, the lid is automatically closed to isolate odors. Durable stainless steel material and appearance not only good looking but also easy to maintain and clean, won’t leave any fingerprint, this garbage bin is waterproof and mute, which does not limit its applicable using occasion. Without complex design, this waste bin is very easy to use, after installing the batteries, you only need to press the switch to “ON”, and if you want to change the garbage bag, you only need to lift the top part, the capability will match your daily need.
  • Assembly Required
  • Container Capacity: 13 gL
  • Dimensions: 13 x 17.3 x 23.6 (LxWxH) inches
  • Weight: 12 lbs.

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