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Modern White Wood Bathroom Vanity with White Ceramic Sink

SKU: WMYBVCS1983284627


  • $ 38324

Crafted from solid ceramic, the Modern White Wood Bathroom Vanity with White Ceramic Sink has an overflow and three tap holes for added convenience. The 2-door cabinet interior under the ceramic basin provides sample space for installing pipes or storing some towels, soaps, hats, shampoos,and other items. This 34" tall bathroom vanity is constructed with CARBP 2-compliant MDF and features a freestanding ceramic sink, ensuring robustness and long-lasting quality without the possibility of cracking. The ceramic basin and the shelf have a maximum weight capacity of 66lb.The freestanding floor cabinet is robust enough to support the weight of yourdaily essentials, please refrain from placing excessively heavy items on the shelves. The ceramic material is resistant to water and can endure exposure to water without deteriorating or distorting. The painted surface finish of the entire structure is easy to clean with a damp cloth, enabling effortless maintenance to keep it smooth and shining. This storage cabinet, featuring a 2-door cabinet and an open shelf,assists in organizing your sundries, providing a tidy space. The elegant white design, complemented by two metal handles, bestows a stylish look that seamlessly fits with any decor.
  • Modern White Wood Bathroom Vanity with White Ceramic Sink
  • Embedded Sink
  • Upgraded Material, Stable Construction
  • High Load Capacity
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Fashion & Function
  • Materials: Ceramic Basin, MDF, Metal Hardware
  • Assembled Dimensions: 24″ L × 18.5″ W × 34″ H
  • Ceramic Basin: 24″ L × 18.5″ W × 6.7″ H
  • Ceramic Sink Interior: 16.5″ L × 10.4″ W × 4.5″ D
  • Cabinet Interior: 21″ W × 17.7″ D
  • Faucet Opening Diameter: 1.4″
  • Drain Hole Diameter: 2″
  • Open Shelf Height: 8″
  • Ground Clearance: 3.7″ Maximum Weight Capacity
  • Ceramic Basin / Shelf: 66 lb
  • 24.02 x 18.5 x 33.86 inches
  • Weight: 61lbs.

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